This website is a sub domain of a blog I have written for some years on current affairs . Originally I included “galleries” of pictures on that site but it really didn’t work too well in my view so I have set up this ‘sub domain’ to display my interests in pictures and visual media. I am a keen amateur photographer who works digitally both in taking pictures and in the post production processes, my aim is to ‘blog’ but only visually on this site.

Posts will be a single images, there may be some accompanying text or not as is appropriate, not all images will be straightforward photographs though many will. I shoot in what is known as the RAW format specifically so that I can manipulate images in post production to alter lighting and emphasis. This kind of image manipulation is not the kind normally associated with fashion and publicity where to “photoshop” something has rather darker implications of trying to deceive the viewer. Post production work in our digital age to enhance the image in order to focus the viewers mind and attention, has become more of an art form in this context and is now pretty standard practice.

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