Navigation Help

If you click on “Blogs” you will see a page with the latest posts but the picture you see in each post listed is in fact a thumbnail, click on the picture and you will see it full screen.

From the Blog heading in the menu, there is a drop down menu list of the main topic categories: Derivatives, Landscape, Others, People and Wildlife. By default if you just click on Blogs it will display the latest posts by date, if you click on a particular category it will only show you posts that were posted with that category heading.

Another way to navigate is by using the Tag Cloud in the footer, select a word from that list and it will pull up all the posts that are tagged with that word which is a more granular way of searching right across the categories.

The Slide Show on the front page and available from the drop down menu is another way of viewing all images full screen in groups of 17. Each slide show page has a link to to the next slide show and back to the previous. Further groups are added as additional pages but the principle is that the later pages contain the latest pictures. It is just another way of viewing the picture blog posts displayed here but in a different and linear way.